Liberacki-Wilcox-Berg Genealogy

The Liberacki-Wilcox-Berg genealogical website was designed to allow members of our family to share photographs, documents, and other genealogical materials with other family members.

Names in Genealogy

As I am updating the website, I will begin using birth name (with few exceptions) in all references to an individual regardless of the name they used at the time an artifact was created or an event took place. For example, Rachel Wilcox Liberacki will always be referred to as Rachel Wilcox. John Joseph Liberacki has always been known as "Jay," but his name will be listed as John throughout the genealogy. In cases where two people have the same name such as John Liberacki and his father John Liberacki, middle names will be used to distinguish the individuals.

Although I anticipate that this editorial decision might initially lead to some confusion, I am aware that the inconsistent use of names lead to its own brand of confusion. I hope that consistently will lead to less confusion.

To help cut down on the confusion, the index of profiles will cross reference individuals by married names, maiden names, nicknames, and so forth. For example, the examples cited above will be indexed by Rachel Olive Wilcox, Rachel Olive Liberacki, John Joseph Liberacki, and Jay Liberacki.

Work in Progress

The Liberacki-Wilcox-Berg Genealogy is not a finished project. In fact, it is the type of project that can never be finished. It can only be expanded. In order to manage the material, there are times that I will upload incomplete pages or profiles. If you come across such a page and want me to make it a priority to finish, please send me an e-mail.

Changing technologies and new best practices have developed over the years. The most recent upgrade began in August 2016.

As a result of trying to stay current, there are a number of formats that appear throughout the website. I am also aware that there are some broken links and other problems. If you want to use a page that has not been updated or has other problems, please contact me.

Contributions Welcome

If you have any photographs, documents, or information to contribute, I would enjoy hearing from you.

Alexander Liberacki and Rachel Wilcox wedding portrait.

Alexander Liberacki and Rachel Wilcox wedding portrait. They were married twice, once when they eloped on 27 January 1931 and when they were officially married on 17 June 1931.