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John Andrew Yourishin is the grandfather of Frank Joseph Hagar.


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John Andrew Yourishin was born in White Haven, Pennsylvania on 3 May 1889. By 1900, he was living in Foster, Pennsylvania with his grandparents, John and Susan Bachko. John could read, write, and speak English. He had also attended school for eight months during 1899. By 1914, John was living in Hazleton, Pennsylvania where he would remain the rest of his life.

On 10 November 1914, John married Anna Helen Kosco. At the time, he was living at 879 N. James Street in Hazleton. He was the working as the Secretary-Treasurer of the United Mine Workers of America for district 7. From his World War I draft registration, we know that John had brown eyes and brown hair. His complexion was ruddy. His World War II draft registration informs us that John was 5'10", weighted 160 lbs. and had a scar on his left cheek.

John continued living at 879 N. James until at least 1925. By 1929, he was living at 887 N. James. I am not clear if the family moved or if the streets were renumbered. They remained at the 887 address at least through 1942. By 1942, the family had a telephone. The telephone number was 1772.

By 1935, John had become President of Traders Bank and Trust Company. Sometime between 1937 and 1942, John became Vice-President of Union Savings and Loan Association. In 1942, he also remained President of Traders Bank and Trust Company.

John died on 23 December 1954 in Hazle, Pennsylvania.

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John Yourishin was active with the United Mine Workers of America, District 7.