Harry Virgil Wilcox

Harry Wilcox is the great grandson of Asa Winslow Wilcox.


Harry Virgil Wilcox
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Harry Virgil Wilcox was born on 22 August 1920.

On 13 April 1942, he enlisted into the military. From his enlistment records, we know that he had four years of high school.

At the time he enlisted, Harry was living at 263 E. VanBuren in Battle Creek, Michigan. According to the city directory, he was working as a "blrmkr appr GTWRR" and his enlistment records indicate that he was an apprentice boilermaker. In 1946, Harry was living at 136 W. Burnham in Battle Creek and working as a "blr appr GTWRR." The GTWRR is the Grand Trunk Western Rail Road.

On 6 May 1950, Harry married Josephine Francis Jennings. By 1956, the couple lived at 155 Post Avenue in Battle Creek, Michigan. Harry was the Chief Accountant for the Enquirer and News.1

By 1993, he had moved to 44 Wendell Street and by 1996 he was living at 25 Vinson Street. At one point in his live, he also had a residence at 7772 Grenboro Dr. in West Melbourne, Florida.

On 23 November 2006, Harry died in Kosciusko, Indiana. His funeral was held at St. Phillip Catholic Church in Grand Rapids. He was buried at Memorial Park Cemetery.

1In 1983, the Enquirer and News changed its name to the Battle Creek Enquirer.

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The same year that Harry Wilcox married Josephine Jennings, the first Peanuts cartoon strip appeared.