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Frank Pratt Wilcox is the grandfather of Rachel Wilcox Liberacki (1909-1990), Asa Nelson Wilcox (1927-1998), Richard Cederwall (b. 1923), and Frank Arvid Cederwall (b. 1924).

Frank Pratt Wilcox was born in Michigan on 12 March 1854; most likely in Barry County. In 1860, he was living in Hope, Michigan.

By 1870, Frank and his family had moved to Assyria, Michigan. Still living with his parents, he was working as a farmer.1 In 1880, he was still farming with his parents.

Sometime between 1870 and 1876, Frank married Olive Marie Hall. By 1900, he owned his own farm in Hastings, Michigan. The 1900 census listed his occupation as teamster and the 1910 census indicated he was a farm laborer.

On 11 June 1905, Olive Hall Wilcox died. The following year, on 17 October 1906, Frank married Carrie Cruso Kettles.

On 1 September 1912, Frank married Ellen Wilbur.

Frank died in 1918. He was buried in Cedar Creek Cemetery which is located in Hastings, Michigan.

1The 1870 census lists a 17 year old farm laborer named Frank P. Wilcox as living in the home of Isaac and Elmira Stanton in Johnson, Michigan. Because both Johnstown and Hastings are in Barry county and I cannot locate any other records for a second Frank P. Wilcox, it is possible that this is the same person as our relative; that he had been counted twice by the census.

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