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This 1920 postcard shows St. Paul Lutheran church which served as a spiritual home for Emma Wendler and many of Seth Stankowski's other ancestors.

Emma Helena Wendler

Emma Helena Wendler is Seth Stankowski's great grandmother.

Emma Helena Wendler was born in Germany on 7 December 1882.1 She emigrated from Germany arriving in New York on 20 April 1885. She traveled aboard the Martha with her parents and two brothers.

The Wendler family settled in Wisconsin. In 1900, Emma was living in Wittenberg and working as a servant. By 1900, she was able to read, write, and speak English. The 1905 census lists her occupation as domestic.

On the 18 April 1906, Emma married George Henry Boecher and the couple remained in Wittenberg. The same year, she became a naturalized citizen.

By 1910, Emma had given birth to two children, but only one still survived. Eventually she would have five surviving children.

Emma remained in Wittenberg until her death on 29 November 1937. Her funeral service took place at St. Paul Lutheran Church on 2 December 1937. She was buried in Forest Home Cemetery.

1The December birth day is the one listed in Emma's obituary. However, the 1900 census lists "August 1882" as her date of birth. The 1905 error lists Wisconsin was her place of birth, but this is an error.


August H. Wendler
Augusta Sturmer


George Henry Bloecher

Melvin Bloecher
Edward Albert Bloecher
[Unnamed Daughter] Bloecher
Ervin Clarence Fredrick Bloecher
Leona Margaret Clara Bloecher
Mae Marie Bloecher

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