The Homme Homes
Historic Marker Erected 1973

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August H. Wendler
(1856- )

August H. Wendler is Seth Stankowski's second great grandfather.

August H. Wendler was born in Germany on August 1856. In 1879, he married Augusta Strumer. When he emigrated to the United States, he departed from Stettin, Germany and went through customs in Brandenburg. He arrived in New York 20 April 1885.

An historical marker erected by the Wisconsin Historical Society in 1973 gives a background for the community into which the Wendler's immigrated.

Deep concern for the needs of people in the wilderness brought The Rev. E. J. Homme from Winchester, Wisconsin, to this location in 1879 where he could accomplish his dream of social services to orphans, the aged and Indians in an atmosphere of peace and tranquility.

Homme convinced the Milwaukee, Lake Shore and Western Railroad to change the name of its station from Carbonero to Wittenberg. He then recruited friends and former parishioners to come and settle. By 1885 there were forty families in Wittenberg.

In a decade Homme built a church, a home for the aged and an orphanage. The orphanage, built just south of this point, served homeless children of all ages from the Upper Midwest....

By 1900, August was able to read, write, and speak English. In 1906, he was naturalized as a United States citizen.

The Wendlers settled in Wittenberg where from 1900-1920 he worked as a farmer. By 1920, he owned his own farm.

We have no records for August Wendler after 1920.




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