"From the Old to the New World" which was published in Harper's Weekly on 7 November 1874, the same year that Moritz Uhlmann immigrated to the United States, shows German emigrants boarding a ship from Hamburg to New York.

Moritz Wilhelm Uhlmann

Moritz Wilhelm Uhlmann is the great grandfather of Ursula Danes Berg (1942-).

Moritz Uhlmann was born in Saxony on 17 November 1841. He was married about 1866. While living in Germany, he was a baker.

He emigrated from Germany in May 1874. Leaving from Hamburg on the Goethe1, with his wife and at least one of his children2, the family arrived in New York on May 26. He was naturalized in 1894.

Moritz and his family settled in Kochville, Michigan where, in 1880, he was working as a farm laborer. By 1910, he changed his occupation to brink layer and was living in Bay City, Michigan with his daughter Anna and her husband David Hartnet. By 1920, he was living in Bangor, Michigan with his daughter Mary and her husband Henry Miller. The 1920 census listed his occupation as "none."

We known that Moritz could read and write.

Moritz died in Bay City, Michigan on 27 April 1925.

1There are several ships named Goethe including one built after the Uhlmann family immigrated to the United States. So far, I have been unable to locate an image of the Goethe on which Moritz and his family traveled.

1The ship's manifest lists Moritz Uhlmann, his wife Roseland, and his daughter Whilomena [listed as "Winnie"]. A six year old Moritz Uhlmann also traveled with this group. It is possible that the six year old later had his name Anglicized and is the same person as the "Charles" whom we know was Moritz and Roseland's son who would have been six years old at the time. Or it could be another relative.


John I. Uhlmann


Earnestine Ruediger


Anna Uhlmann
Whilomena Uhlmann
Michael Uhlmann
Henry W Uhlmann
Mary Uhlmann

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