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Henry W. Uhlmann

Henry W. Uhlmann1 is the grandfather of Ursula Danes Berg (1942-).

Henry Uhlmann was born September 18792 most likely in Kochville, Michigan in Saginaw County. We know that he was able to read and write.

He married Rosetta Danes on 14 June 1902 in Hancock, Michigan.

In 1910, Henry was a saloon keeper in Hancock, Michigan. By 1917, the year he registered for the draft, he had already moved to Rockland, Michigan and was working as a teamster for the Michigan Copper Mining Company, a job he still held in 1920. By 1930, he had moved to Essexville, Michigan where he and his wife owned a house worth $2,000.

Henry died in Bay City on 24 September 1945.

1Because it is a family name, I believe that "William" is Henry's middle name.

2Although 17 August 1878 is listed on his World War I draft registration, the 1880 census lists his month of birth as September. More importantly, the census says that he had been living for less than one year. Unfortunately, I have been unable to locate the


Moritz Wilhelm Uhlmann
Earnestine Theresia Ruediger


Helen Kathryn Uhlmann


Henry William Uhlmann
Clarence Uhlmann
Ligouri Josephina Uhlmann
Helen Kathryn Uhlmann
Bernard Anthony Moritz Uhlmann

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