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Jacob Stzenkowski
(1817- )

Jacob Stzenkowski is Seth Stankowski's third great grandfather.

Jacob Stzenkowski was born in Gowidlino, Kries Karthaus, Poland on 20 July 1817. On 30 January 1843, he married Josephina Ludorim Meyna in Sierakowitz, Kries Karthaus, Poland.

"Karthaus (Polish Kartuzy) was a district just west of Danzig (Polish Gdarisk), in what was then West Prussia. That area had been part of the Prussian empire since the first partition of Poland in 1772, and was to become part of the German Empire after its unification in 1871. Present-day maps identify the area surrounding Kartuzy as Pojezierze Kaszubskie or the "Kaszubian Lakelands," named after an ethnic group, the Kaszubi, who have lived in that area since ancient times."1

1Sopa, Adeline M. "The Kaszuby Region - Home of the Polish Pioneers of Portage County." Portage County Historical Society of Wisconsin Online Archives. Accessed July 29, 2011.


Joseph Stankowski
Hedwig Shameryhova


Josephina Ludorium Meyna


Josephina Marianna Stzenkowski
Franz Jacob Stzenkowski
Antone Stankowski
Johann Julius Stzenkowski
Thomas Lorenz Stzenkowsk
Paulina Stankowski
Josephine Lucya Stzenkowski
Elizabeth Margaretha Stzenkowski

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