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Daniel Stanton is the second great grandfather of Mary Lou Clark.


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Daniel Stanton was born in Ontario, Canada on 3 June 1822.1 According to the 1871 Canadian census, Daniel's ethnic origin was Irish. Census records indicate that his wife was born in Ireland.

Sometime before 1850 he emigrated to the United States and was living in Orland, Illinois. Before 1850 he also married Ann.2 According to the 1850 census, Fields and Silva Brisbin were living in the home with the Stanton family. Fields was 30 years old and Silvia was 25.

By 1861, he returned to Canada and was living in a 1.5 story home located in Victoria, Canada West. Although the 1900 census indicates that Daniel returned to the United States in 1870, the 1871 Canada census shows that he and his family were living in Mariposa, Victoria County, Ontario. He did return to the United States and in 1880 was living in Sigel Township in Huron county, Michigan.

The Stanton family were Baptists.

Throughout his life, Daniel was a farmer. During 1879 he spent $100 for labor over 26 weeks. During the same year, the estimated value of all farm products he sold $300. During the same year, he mowed one acre and planted two acres with hay. In 1880, Daniel was tilling 30 acres, owned 50 acres of woodland as well as an 15 additional acres. The value of his farm was $1,616. His farm machinery was valued at $125 and the value of his livestock was $600. On 1 June 1880, Daniel owned two horses.

By 1900, Daniel was widowed and living with his son Ira, his daughter-in law Alma, and their six children. The census lists his occupation as farm laborer.

Daniel died on 22 February 1904.

1The 1900 census lists June 1821 as Daniel's birth date. However, I am using the one recorded in the Michigan death index.

2Some Ancetry.com family trees list Ann's last name as "Brady" while others list her last name as "Reid."

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Rosetta Stone
In 1822, the year that Daniel Stanton was born, Thomas Young and Jean-Fran├žois Champollion were able to translate hieroglyphs. This was done by using the Rosetta Stone which had been discovered in 1799.