Frank Paul Stankowski

Frank Paul Stankowski is Seth Stankowski's great grandfather.

Frank Paul Stankowski was born either on 4 February 1891 or the 6 February 1892 most likely in Sharon, Wisconsin.1 On 7 February 1892, Frank was baptized in Sacred Heart Catholic Church.

Throughout his life, Frank worked as a farmer in Sharon, Galloway, Mosinee, and Franzen. On 5 June 1917, Frank registered for the draft.

During his life, Frank never learned to read or write. According to census statistics, illiteracy rates for white native born Americans were 4.6% (1900), 3.0% (1910), 2.0% (1920), and 1.6% (1930).2

About 1913, Frank married Juliana Goskowicz. By 1930, the family owned their own home.

On 29 July 1978, Frank died in Wausau, Wisconsin.

1The source for the 1891 date is Frank's draft registration form. The 1892 date is the one used by the Social Security Death Index and the Wisconsin Death Index. September 1892 is the date listed on the 1900 census, but I find the February month more credible.

2U.S. Department of Commerce, Bureau of the Census, Historical Statistics of the United States, Colonial Times to 1970; and Current Population Reports, Series P-23, Ancestry and Language in the United States: November 1979. Excerpted from Excerpts are taken from Chapter 1 of 120 Years of American Education: A Statistical Portrait (Edited by Tom Snyder, National Center for Education Statistics, 1993) by the National Assessment of Adult Literacy.


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