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Antone Stankowski

Antone Stankowski is Seth Stankowski's second great grandfather.

Antone Stankowski was born in November 1849 in Gowidlino, Kartuzy, Gdansk, Poland.1 On 27 January 1874, he married Josephina von Bronk. They remained married until she dies on 15 May 1885.

Antone emigrated to the United States in 1880. Although he learned to speak English, as of 1900, he could neither read nor write.

Antone settled in Sharon, Wisconsin where he made his living as a farmer. By 1895, he owned a farm there. Although we don't have records of what he raised, we do know that between 1800 and 1900 hops were grown. "The hop vine originally had been brought to Wisconsin by pioneers from the great hop districts of New York. In the spring, roots were planted 8 feet apart in hills and 8 feet apart in rows. The first variety planted was a cream colored vine called the "Cluster" type, a few years later the Red vine was imported which proved to be more productive."2

On 15 February 1886, Anton married Anna Formella at Sacred Heart Church in Sharon, Wisconsin. She died 27 January 1917.

Antone died on 29 August 1919. He was buried in St. Adalbert's Cemetery located in Alban, Wisconsin.

1The authors of Our Family Genealogy Pages list the date as 29 October 1848. However, no specific documentation is included for this date. Although I use place of birth from this source, I am using the 1900 census to establish the date of birth.

2History of Sacred Heart - Polonia Pt. 1. Portage County Historical Society. June 28, 2011.


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