Emeline Seeley

Emeline Seeley is the first wife of Rachel Wilcox Liberacki's great grandfather.

Emeline Seeley was born in Glens Falls, New York in 12 April 1812. She married Lorenzo Mudge on 12 March 1834 and settled with him in Hartland, New York.

On 23 September 1837, Emeline and her family became the first family of European descent to live in Castleton, Michigan. Chrisfield Johnson describes her experiences in his History of Allegan and Barry Counties. Among other things, he cites the fact that Castleton was so far in the wilderness that Emaline did not see another white woman in eight months.

Emeline died on 15 December 1843.


Justice Seeley
Jane [Unknown]


Lorenzo Mudge


Royal Mudge
Justus Mudge
Cordelia Mudge
Sarah Mudge
Frances Minerva Mudge



Johnson, Crisfield. History of Allegan and Barry Counties, Michigan, with Illustrations and Biographical Sketches of their Prominent Men and Pioneers. Philadelphia: D.W. Ensign, 1880.

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