The year that Elizbieta died, the 19th amendment to the United States Constitution was adopted. This amendment gave women the right to vote.

Elzbieta Piechowski

Elzbieta Piechowski is Seth Stankowski's third great grandmother.

Elizbieta Piechowski was born in Poland during December 1844.1 She married Jozef Frydach during 1970 and emigrated to the United States in either 1872, 1873, or 1874.2

Elizbieta lived in Sharon, Wisconsin with her husband; first on their own farm and later with her son August. At the end of her life, she and her husband were again living in their own residence. Throughout her life, she continued to speak Polish and never learned to read or write English.

Elizbieta died on 24 February 1920 and was buried in St. Adalbert's Catholic Cemetery.

1I have seen both 19 December 1843 and 24 December 1843 listed as her birth date. Because these sources did not provide documentation, I use the date of birth listed in the 1900 United States census.

2All three dates appear in census records: 1872 (1910 census), 1873 (1900 census), and 1874 (1920 census).




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