King Charles I ascended the throne on March 27, 1625; the same year that Thomas Mudge was born in England. Later that year, on June 13, he married French princess Henriette.

Thomas Mudge
(1625- )

Thomas Mudge is the seventh great grandfather of Rachel Wilcox Liberacki.

Thomas Mudge was born in England in 16251. Although James Mudge argues that Thomas emigrated to the British Colonies around 1638, Cuyler Reynolds places him in Boston, Massachusetts 8 October 1634. William Cuttler in his New England Families argues that "Jarvis Mudge, presumed to be his brother, was in Boston in 1638." Others argue that Thomas and Jarvis were brothers and that they emigrated together.

By 16472, Thomas had settled in Malden, Massachusetts where he remained the rest of his life. We can place his residence in Malden before 1647 because this is the year he married Mary Ball in Malden.3

On 6 October 1657, Thomas and his wife appeared in court as witnesses against James Barrett "for prophaning the Sabbath and assaulting George Knower."4 On 28 December 1668, they were again in court as witnesses against "Henry Swenaway, Servant to John Bunker is presented for abusing his late master Peter Tufts and his dame in blose and words."5

We are not sure when Thomas Mudge died6.

1The secondary sources I have consulted list the date as c. 1624. The specific date of 1625 comes from the U.S. and International Records database prepared by Yates Publishing and which is available through

2Edwin Preston Usher uses the 1650 date. D. Hamilton Hurd argues that Thomas "was in Malden as early as 1654." This date is also accepted by Robert Means Lawrence. Using the first court record as their source, both Alfred Mudge and James Mudge argue that Thomas arrived in Malden before 1657. The 1647 date is extrapolated from the U.S. and International Records database prepared by Yates Publishing and which is available through

3Clarence Almond Tory and his co-author Elizabeth Petty Bently use 1648 as the date of marriage.

4Quoted in James Mudge.

5Quoted in Alfred Mudge.

6Some Public Member Trees in place the date as 1662. However, we have a court record that shows he was still living in 1668.


Thomas Mudge
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