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Martha Mudge

Martha Mudge is the sixth great aunt of Rachel Wilcox Liberacki.

Martha Mudge was born in Malden, Massachuessetts during 1662. When she was about eighteen years old, she married the Reverend Michael Wigglesworth.

Martha died on 11 September 1690.

During 1690, there were several important events in colonial America: the British renew their alliance with the Iroquois tribes, the first paper money in the colonies is issued by New York, the first colonial newspaper is published in Boston, English missionary John Eliot dies in Massachusetts, and Massachusetts Bay becomes the first colony to borrow money.


Thomas Mudge
Mary Ball


Michael Wigglesworth


Abigail Wigglesworth
Mary Wigglesworth
Martha Wigglesworth
Edward Wigglesworth
Esther Wigglesworth
Dorothy Wigglesworth
Samuel Wigglesworth

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