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Arminda Sandige's children from her first marriage to David Marcus Day were raised by Lorenzo Mudge as his step children.

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Lorenzo Edward Mudge was born in Castleton, Michigan on 6 October 1853. The 1870 census lists is occupation as living with his parents and working as a farm laborer.

Between 1873 and 1874 Lorenzo was enrolled in the agricultural program at Michigan Agricultural College; now know as Michigan State University. On the 7 November 1877, he married Rachel J. Day. In 1880, he and his family were living in Maple Grove, Michigan. In 1880, his nephew William B. Walker1, a farmer, was also part of the household. Lorenzo would remain a farmer in Maple Grove until his death in 1934.

On 28 November 1900, Lorenzo married Arminda Clara Sandige who had previously been married to Rachel's brother David Marcus Day.2 On the 1910 census, Arminda and David's children are listed as Lorenzo's step children.

Lorenzo died on 22 February 1934.

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Lorenzo Edward Mudge