The year that John Mudge was born, King James II created the Dominion of New England. He named Sir Edmund Andros as governor general. If you click on the image, you will get a better view of the area Andros governed.

John Mudge

John Mudge is the fifth great grandfather of Rachel Wilcox Liberacki.

John Mudge was born in Malden, Massachusetts on 21 November 16861. He would live in Malden all of his life. His primary occupation was yeoman2.

In 1712, he married Lydia Keys.

Between 1719 and 1720 and again in 1741, he served the community as surveyor of highways. On 4 September 1734, John was chosen Deacon of South Parish. Many references to him in both primary and secondary sources refer to him as "Deacon John Mudge."

On 1 June 1738, "John Mudge of Malden, Yeoman, buys of Nathan Cheever of Rumney Marsh, for £200, 16 Acres land in Malden."3 Unfortunately, John was not successful in business. As James Mudge explains, John "was a farmer, but did not prosper as did his father (who was also a tanner), and sold off his land at various times to different parties, chiefly to his brother-in-law Peter Edes of Needham."

Those land deals included:

  • 09 September 1740: "John Mudge of Malden, Yeoman, and his wife Lydia, Mortgage to Robert Anchmuty, Esq., and others, for £100 in Bills of Credit called Manufacturing bills, 25 Acres Land in Malden."
  • 12 February 1744: "Deacon John Mudge of Malden, Yeoman, to William Wait for £75 in publick bills of Credit, old tenor, sells 6 Acres Wood Laud in Maiden."
  • 24 May 1745: "John Mudge of Malden, Farmer, to Peter Edes of Needham, for £500 lawful money Two tracts of Land, in Malden."
  • 25 June 1762: "John Mudge and wife Lydia of Malden deed 11 acres of Salt Marsh land to Peter Edes of Needham."

John died in Malden on 26 November 17622.

1Although 15 October 1685 is sometimes cited, the November 21 date is the one used by most secondary sources. I have not yet located any primary sources concerning his birth date.

2Yeoman is another name for farmer.

3Quotation from Alfred Mudge's Memorials. Unless other noted, other references to John's land deals come from this source.

4Alfred Mudge cites 29 October 1763 as the date of death. However, November 26 seems to be the date more widely accepted. I have not yet located a primary source for this date.


John Mudge
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John Mudge
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