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Three of the sons were named Samuel. The first Samuel Mudge died in infancy and the next born son was then named Samuel. The second Samuel died in Canada during the French and Indian War. The next born son was then named Samuel.

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John Mudge was born in Malden, Massachusetts on 30 December 1713. On 4 May 17381, the Reverend Joseph Emerson officiated at his wedding to Mary Waite.

Because the descendants of William Penn and Cecilius Calvert both claimed the land between the 39th and 40th, hostility over the border between Pennsylvania and Maryland began around 1681. In 1736, a series of armed conflicts between the Maryland and Pennsylvania militias began; conflicts that became known as the Conojocular War. King George II ordered a cease fire the year that John and Mary were married.

In 1748, he and his family moved to Lynnfield, Massachusetts. Throughout his live he worked as a farmer.

John died of numb palsy on 26 November 1762.

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Setting the boundary between Pennsylvania did not happen until more than a decade after the end of the Conojocular War. Today, this boundary is better known as the "Mason-Dixson" line; the line that divided the north and south during the civil war.