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John Mudge was born in Fitchburg, Massachusetts on 14 March 1775. By 1797, he was living in Plymouth, Vermont.

In 1797, John married Amy White. The ceremony took place in Plymouth, Vermont.

About 1800, John and Amy moved to Marlborough, New Hampshire and remained there for two years before returning to Plymouth. Sometime before 1815, they moved to Ft. Ann, New York. Between 1815-1821, John lived in Granville, New York. Then he and Amy moved to Hartland, New York.

John died in Hartland on 5 June 1834. Throughout his life he had been a farmer. He was also active in the Methodist Episcopal Church where, for many years, he was a class leader.

A month after John Mudge's birth, Eliphalet Hyde fought at the Battle of Lexington. Eliphalet's granddaughter, Ruth King Hyde would marry John's son, Lorenzo Mudge, in 1844.

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In March 1775, Daniel Boone began his expedition into Kentucky and Patrick Henry delivered his "Give Me Liberty or Give Me Death" speech in Virginia.