Contemporaneous lithograph
concerning the Carlsbad Decrees.

Josephina Ludorium Meyna
(1819- )

Josephina Ludorium Meyna is Seth Stankowski's second great grandmother.

Josephina Ludorium Meyna was born on 11 December 1819 in Gowidlino, Kries Karthaus, Poland. She married Jacob Stzenkowski on 30 January 1843 in Sierakowitz, Kries Karthaus, Poland.

"In July 1819 [the years that Josephina was born] the Austrian foreign minister, Klemens von Metternich, persuaded representatives from a select group of the larger states of the German Confederation to issue the Carlsbad Decrees, a series of resolutions that imposed a rigid discipline on German universities, established restrictions on the German press, and created a commission of inquiry to root out revolutionary activity in the confederation's member states."1

1Balzarini, Stephen. "Carlsbad Decrees." Milestone Documents. Accessed July 29, 2011.


Thoma Meyna
Barbara Zaborowski


Jacob Stzenkowski


Josephina Marianna Stzenkowski
Franz Jacob Stzenkowski
Antone Stankowski
Johann Julius Stzenkowski
Thomas Lorenz Stzenkowsk
Paulina Stankowski
Josephine Lucya Stzenkowski
Elizabeth Margaretha Stzenkowski

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