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Thomas Martin is the great grandfather of Mary Lou Clark.


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Thomas Martin was born in Scott, Ontario on 27 March 1841. At the time, Ontario was located in what was then known as Upper or West Canada.

Thomas married Elizabeth Breathour on 15 May 1864.

He emigrated to the United States in either 1866 or 1867.1 By 1870, he and his family were living in Verona township which is located in Huron county, Michigan where he and his wife kept a hotel. He became a naturalized citizen in 1885.

By 1880, Thomas had become a farmer and by 1900 owned his own farm. He could also read, write, and speak English.

In 1910, Thomas and his wife had a 22 year old boarder named Emma Des Jardine living with them. Emma was a school teacher at the public school.

By 1920, Thomas was widowed and living with his daughter Phoebe, his son-in-law Peter Murray, and their children in Bingham, Michigan which is a township in Huron county. Peter owned his own farm on which he was still paying the mortgage. Thomas' occupation was listed as "None."

Thomas died of a cerebral hemorrhage with paralysis on 6 September 1920.

1The 1866 date appears on the 1900 census and the 1867 date appears on the 1910 census.

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