Birthday Postcard

Frieda Maier shares a birthday with Julia Liberacki Berg (1933-2008). This on-line family tree was built on the work she completed during her life.

Frieda Maier
(1908- )

The Maier branch was added to the Liberacki-Wilcox-Berg family tree when Frieda Maier married Josef Bruinhofer, son of Karl Brunhofer (1979-1908) and Annemarie Berg (1881-1959).

All we know about Frieda is that she was born on the 8 October 1907. We are not sure if she was born in Germany or the United States.

Through, I can access a variety of records for "Frieda Maier." However, it is not yet possible to determine whether those records relate to our relative or another woman with the same name.


Karl Brunhofer
Annemarie Berg


Josef Brunhofer


Josef Brunhofer
Xaver Brunhofer
Frieda Brunhofer

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