Susan Carol Luks
Videos Continued

  • "Grandma's Homemade Chili"
      Beth Vonck and Susan Luks tell a story that proves that "Just like Grandma used to make" is not always a compliment. (Time: 00:55)

  • "Being the Big Cousin"
      Cheryl Dennison tells about being the big cousin at the family reunion in Potter Park and how she liked to spend time with cousins Walt, Susan, and Beth. (Time: 01:07)

  • "A Typical Sunday Morning"
      Chad Liberacki, with prompting from Beth Vonck and Susan Luks, tells about a typical Sunday morning spent with Aunt Mary Liberacki and Grandma Rachel Liberacki. (Time: 01:04)

  • "Marshmallows"
      Roasting marshmallows is the subject of this exchange between Beth Vonck and Jay Liberacki. (00:42)