Bethany Lynn Luks
Videos Continued

  • "Parenting Skills"
      Beth Vonck discusses parenting skills and the influence that Aunt Sherry Liberacki had on her. She is telling the story to Lynette Clark and others. (Time: 01:28)

  • "A September Beach Party"
      Tom Vonck wanted a beach party for his birthday. Beth Vonck tells how she and Randy Vonck accomplished this in their living room. (Time: 00:50)

  • "The Upstairs was Haunted"
      Beth Vonck tells about being afraid of staying in Rachel Liberacki's upstairs and how a trucker visited during the night. Steve Berg's mutual fear is also mentioned. (Time: 01:31)

  • "Grandma's Homemade Chili"
      Beth Vonck and Susan Luks tell a story that proves that "Just like Grandma used to make" is not always a compliment. (Time: 00:55)

  • "The Trees in Grandma's Back Yard"
      Chad Liberacki and Beth Vonck recount several incidents involving Rachel Liberacki's trees. (Time: 00:45)