Ehardt Bredendick Liesch

Ehardt Bredendick Liesch is Seth Stankowski's grandfather.

Ehardt Bredendick Liesch was born in Crandon, Wisconsin on 3 August 1915. By 1920, he was living in Wittenberg, Wisconsin. Ehardt remained in Wittenberg the rest of his life. He was employed as a farmer.

On 14 September 1940, Ehardt married Leona Margaret Bloecher.

From telephone records, we know that in 1993 and 1994, he was living at 301 Grand Avenue in Wittenberg.1

Ehardt dies on 9 December 1995. His funeral service took place at St. Paul Lutheran Church on 12 December 1995. The Reverend John Pavel officiated. He was buried in Forest Home Cemetery.

2Although phone records also give this as his address in 1999, I assume that his widow did not change the telephone listing from his name.


John Albert Liesch
Martha W. Bredendick


Leona Margaret Bloecher


Marilyn Leona Liesch
Donald Liesch
Dale Liesch

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