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Mary Anna Liberacki

Mary Anna Liberacki is the grandmother of Susan Lynn Baxter, Jeffrey P. Baxter, and Thomas Alan Baxter.

Mary Anna Liberacki was born in Suchodoly, Poland on 10 March 1906. Traveling aboard the Chemnitz with her mother and brother Alex, she immigrated to the United States arriving in New York on 1 December 1910.1

After arriving in the United States, she lived with her family at 752 Butterworth St, SW, Grand Rapids, Michigan. She became a naturalized citizen on 19 September 1922.

In 1925, Mary Anna married Michael Korenkiewicz at Sacred Heart of Jesus Parish.

In 1930, Mary Anna, Michael, and their daughter Irene were living in Grand Rapids. Mary Anna's occupation is listed as "none."

Mary Anna died in 1966.

1The 1930 census lists Mary Anna's date of arrive as 1925. However, we know that this is incorrect because we have her 1922 naturalization document.


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