Lynette Kay Liberacki
(1963- )

Lynette Kay Liberacki is the ninth great granddaughter of William Wilcoxson (1601-1652) and Margaret Birdseye Wilcoxson (1611-1675) who, in 1635, were the first members of the Wilcox branch of the family to emigrate from England to what is now the United States. She is also the second great granddaughter of Ludwik Lieberatzka (b. 1840) and the granddaughter of Alexander Joseph Liberacki (1908-1959) and Rachel Olive Wilcox (1909-1990).


Bruce Liberacki
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  • "Fire and Family"
      Beth Vonck and Lynette Liberacki tell about the role of fire in family bonding. (Time: 01:26)

  • "Parenting Skills"
      Beth Vonck discusses parenting skills and the influence that Aunt Sherry Liberacki had on her. She is telling the story to Lynette Clark and others. (Time: 01:28)