Hermitage of Santa Rosa of Lima

In 1671, the year that Thomas Leffingwell became a freeman, Pope Clement X canonized Rose of Lima. She was the first saint from the Americas

Thomas Leffingwell

Thomas Leffingwell is the sixth great grandfather of Rachel Wilcox Liberacki.

Thomas Leffingwell was born in Saybrook, Connecticut on 27 August 1649. Sometime before 1671, he relocated to Norwich, Connecticut; the year he was made a freeman in that town. In September 1672, Thomas married Mary Bushnell.

In 1681, Thomas was granted "a small pece of land above his house to sett a barn upon." Then, in 1700, Thomas bought and moved into a house on the "Town Street." His house was designated an ordinary or inn.

Thomas was active in his community and church. In October 1716, he was a Deputy from Norwich to the General Court and Representative to the General Assembly. In 1718, he was chosen as an assistant Deacon. At some point, he was made an Ensign.

Thomas died on 5 March 1723/24. According to D. Hamilton Hurd,

"The inventory of Ensign Leffingwell, in 1724, shows that he was richly furnished, not only with the household comforts and conveniences of that era, but with articles of even luxury and elegance. He had furniture and linen in abundance, woodenware, and utensils of iron, tin, pewter, and silver;' wearing apparel valued at £27; wig, 20s.; walking-staff with silver head, 20s.; rapier with silver hilt and belt, £6; a French gun, £3; silver watch, £5; 3 tankards; 2 dram-cups; 4 silver cups, one with two handles; copper pennies and Erabians, £6.18.7. Total valuation of estate, £9793.9.11. It is doubtful whether, at that time, any other estate in the town equaled this in value."


Thomas Leffingwell
Mary Marvin


Mary Bushnell


Thomas Leffingwell
Elizabeth Leffingwell
Benajah Leffingwell
John Leffingwell

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