Jane Lee

Jane Lee is the sixth great grandmother of Rachel Wilcox Liberacki.


Thomas Lee
Phoebe Browne


Samuel Hyde

John Burchard


Elisabeth Hyde
Phoebe Hyde
Samuel Hyde
John Hyde
William Hyde
Thomas Hyde
Sarah Hyde
Jabez Hyde


Jane Lee was born in Rusper, Sussex, England where she was Baptized on 12 September 1640. At some time before 1659, she had emigrated to the British American colonies.

In June 1659, she married Samuel Hyde. Initially, Jane and her husband lived with her in-laws. However, the following year, they built a house of their own.

After Jane became a widow in 1677, she married John Burchard. John became the guardian for her minor children.

Jane died in Lebanon, Connecticut on 21 January 1722/23.

Grover Cleveland, the twenty-second President of the United States of America, as Jane's third great grandson.



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Title page of Bay Psalm Book, 1640
The first book was published in the British American colonies in 1640; the same year that Jane was born. The Bay Psalm Book was printed by Stephen Day.