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Louisa Maltzahn


Wilhelmina Lan
Wilhelmina Langlass
Emma Langlass
Anna Langlass
Johann Langlass
Elizabeth Langlass
Helena Langlass
Anna Langlass
Maria Langlass

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Heinrich "Henry" Langlass was born on 5 October 1823 in Mecklenburg, Nordwestmecklenburg, Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, Germany.

By 1870, he had married Louisa Maltzahn, had six children, and was living in Frankenlust Township in Michigan. His real estate was worth $800 and his personal estate was worth $360.

By 1890, Henry and his family were living at 329 N 10th Street in Saginaw, Michigan.

Henry died in Saginaw on 22 August 1893. He was buried in Forest Lawn Cemetery.

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Cover of first issue of the Lancet.

On 5 October 1823—the same day that Heinrich Carl Theodor Friedrich Langlass—was born, the The Lancet published its first issue. The articles in the first issue of The Lancet included one on "Compositions of Quack Medicines" and one on "Medical and Surgical Intelligence."