Anna Helen Kosco

Anna Helen Kosco is the grandmother of Frank Joseph Hagar


George Kosco
Anna Patricko


John Yourishin


Edward Yourishin
John Yourishin
Margreth Yourishin
Anne Yourishin
Eugene Yourishin

Anna Helen Kosco was born in Hollywood, Pennsylvania on 3 May 1892. On 10 November 1914, she married John Yourishin and the couple resided in Hazleton, Pennsylvania. We know that she could read and write English.

Anne lived at 879 N. James Street in Hazleton. Sometime before 1929, she was living at 887 N. James. I am not clear if the family moved or if the streets were renumbered. By 1942, she had a telephone. The number was 1772.

Anna died in Hazleton on 30 July 1946.

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Harper's Weekly, 36.1856, 16 July 1892, p. 673
In 1892, the same year that Anna Helen Kosco was born, there was a huge strike in Homestead, Pennsylvania. The Homestead Strike resulted in a defeat for the Amalgamated Association of Iron and Steel Workers who were striking against the Carnegie Steel Company. The image of the Pinkerton men hired by the steel company as strike breakers.