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Julius Kolberg
(c. 1870- )

Julius Kolberg is the great grandfather of Susan Lynn Baxter, Jeffrey P. Baxter, and Thomas Alan Baxter.

Census data concerning Julius Kolberg is contradictory. I have adopted c. 1870 as the most likely date.1

All of the census records agree that he was born in Germany, but the date of his arrive into the United States is recorded as 18722, 18863, and 18914. Julius literacy also varies. In 1900, he could read and write, but in 1910 he could not. However, in 1920 he could read and write; an ability he continued to have in 1930. Sometime before 1930, Julius became a naturalized citizen.

Although we do not know when he arrived in Grand Rapids, we do know he was living there from 1900-1930. In 1900, Julius worked as a day laborer. By 1910, he had learned the "mason trades." In 1920, he was working for the city of Grand Rapids as a garbage collector. By 1930, he had returned to masonry and worked for a building contractor.

I have been unable to locate any information concerning Julius Kolberg after 1930.

1The following birth dates are listed:
The 1900 census indicates that he was 39 years old having been born in March 1860.
The 1910 census indicates that he was 35 years old. His name is spelled "Colberg."
The 1920 census indicates that he was 40 years old.
The 1930 census indicates that he was 60 years old.

21930 census

31900 census

41920 census


Unknown [Born in Germany]
Unknown [Born in Germany]


Anna [maiden name] Kolberg


Herman Kolberg
Bernice Kolberg

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