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Bernice Kolberg

Lyle Baxter is the grandmother of Susan Lynn Baxter, Jeffrey P. Baxter, and Thomas Alan Baxter.

Bernice Kolberg was born in Michigan on 1 April 1903. She lived in Grand Rapids all of her life.

In 1910, Bernice1 was a student. In 1920, her occupation was that of a sign maker at a furniture company.

Because it was an early center of mass produced furniture, Grand Rapids became known as the "furniture city." When it was formed in 1891, the Furniture Manufacturers Association was the first furniture advocacy group in the nation. "The group formed the FMA Warehouse Company in 1920 to again negotiate equitable rates with the various railroads." During the 1920s, "Through a series of suits, filed in courts throughout the nation, the FMA successfully prosecuted retailers, wholesalers and manufacturers who improperly used "Grand Rapids" in either their product names, firm names or advertising. FMA legal counsel also successfully defended local manufacturers against federal price-fixing charges during the 1920s."

Bernice married Lyle Baxter in 1923. In 1930, Bernice, Lyle, and their three children were living with her parents. The 1930 census listed Bernice's occupation as "none."

On 12 November 1977, Bernice died in Walker, Michigan.

1The 1910 census lists the family name as "Colberg."


Julius Kolberg
Anna [maiden name] Kolberg


Lyle Baxter


Gerald Robert Baxter
Earl Baxter
Kenneth Baxter

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