A month before Anna Kolberg was born in 1876, Colorado was admitted as the 38th state. By the time she died in 1966, America had 50 states.

Anna [maiden name] Kolberg

Anna Kolberg is the great grandmother of Susan Lynn Baxter, Jeffrey P. Baxter, and Thomas Alan Baxter.

Anna Kolberg was born in Michigan on 6 September 1876.1

Anna married Julius Kolberg in 1896. By 1900, she was living in in Grand Rapids where it appears she remained the rest of her life.

The 1900 census lists her son Herman, the only child to whom she had given birth at the time. By 1910, she had given birth to four children but only two were still living.

Anna died in Grandville, Michigan on 15 December 1966.

On the same day that Anna died in Grandville, Walt Disney died in Los Angeles. Other entertainment related events from 1966 include the last episode of Ozzie and Harriet and the first episode of Star Trek. On Broadway, Sweet Charity premiered and Marat/Sade and Man of La Mancha were winners. John Lennon of the Beatles made the comment that "We are more popular than Jesus." The Rowan & Martin Show debuted on television and Adam West and Burt Ward premiered as Batman and Robin.

1I have located a variety of dates for Anna's birth. The 1900 census specifies September 1873 while the 1920 census has her birth as 1880. The 1910 census lists her age as 24 with her oldest child being 12 years old. I have chosen the 6 September 1876 as the most reliable date because it the date on the Social Security Death Index.


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Unknown [Born in Germany]


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