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Louisa Karchen1 was born in February 1851 in Dingden, Recklinghausen, Nordrhein-Westfalen, Germany. On 28 January 1875, she married Wilhelm Danes. She emigrated to the United States in 1882.

According to the 1900 census, Louisa and her family were living in Hancock, Michigan. She had given birth to nine children; all of whom had survived.

By 1910, she had moved to Rockland, Michigan. And from c. 1927 to her death in 1931 she lived in Highland Park, Michigan. In 1930, she was living with her son Joseph and his family. When she died, her address was 6207 Hecla in Highland Park.

Louisa died on 13 October 1931. Her attending physician was Dr. David McClurg who listed her cause of death apoplexy, a fact that was confirmed by coroner Dr. Albert L. French. Dr. McClurg also indicated that for two years Louisa had been suffering from "organic heart trouble and senility."

Louisa was buried on the 16 October 1931 at Mt. Olive Cemetery. The undertaker was Don Graham and Company, 3537 W. Layfayette, Detroit, Michigan.

1In some Ancestry.com public profiles, her name is listed as Johanna Louisa Korntchen. However, no documentation is provided for this name. Several records I do have list her name as "Louisa/Louise Danes" but none include "Johanna" as part of the name. Furthermore, on her death certificate, "Karchen" is listed as her father's name which is possibly an Anglicized version of "Korntchen." Because I have no documentation to support "Korntchen" or "Johanna," I have adopted "Louis Karchen" for her name.


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