Josephine Francis Jennings

The Jennings Branch entered the family tree when Josephine Jennings married Harry Wilcox.


Richard John Jennings
Nora Anne Healy


Harry Wilcox

Susan Wilcox
Paul W. Wilcox
Stephanie Wilcox
Mary Wilcox
Patricia Wilcox

Josephine Francis Jennings was born in London, Ontario on 20 November 1923. She arrived in the United States on 12 July 1924. At the time, her father was living at 83 Cherry Street in Battle Creek, Michigan.

On 6 May 1950, Josephine married Harry V. Wilcox. By 1956, the couple lived at 155 Post Avenue in Battle Creek, Michigan.

Josephine died on 4 July 1992 and was buried at Memorial Park Cemetery.

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The War Memorial Children's Hospital opened in London, Ontario on 19 May 1923; the same year that Josephine was born.