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William Hyde is the seventh great grandfather of Rachel Wilcox Liberacki.





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William Hyde was born in Saybrook, Norwich, England during 1606. In 1633, he emigrated to the British American colonies; likely in the company of the Reverend Thomas Hooker. He settled in Newton, Connecticut.

While still in England, William married his first wife. However, there is no records of her name.

In 1636, Williams's name first appears in the records of Hartford, Connecticut. He was one of the original settlers of the town and served as it's selectman in 1637.

About 1648, he moved to Saybrook, Connecticut. Then, in 1660, he become one of the proprietors of Norwich, Connecticut. He was the first magistrate of Norwich. By 1669, he was on the list of freemen in Norwich. In 1673, he served as one of the town's selectmen.

Although nothing is known of his first wife, we do know that on 4 June 1667 William married Johanna, the widow of Robert Abel. There is not a record of her maiden name. The wedding took place in Rehoboth, Massachusetts.

William died on 6 January 1681/82 in Norwich. His will was proved in June 1882.

William "claimed descend from Edward Hyde, or Hide, as the name was frequently spelled, Earl of Clarendon, whose eldest daughter married James the Second of England."1 In 1974, when Rachel Wilcox Liberacki went to London with her grandson, Steven Lorain Berg, she told him that "we are related to the Hydes of Hyde Park."

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In 1633, the year that William left England for the American colonies, Galileo Galilei was convicted of heresy for arguing that the Earth moved aroudn the sun. His Dialogo... sopra i due massimi sistemi del mondo Tolemaico, e Copernicano had been published in 1632, was placed on the Catholic Church's Index of prohibited books in 1634 where it remained until 1824.