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Eliphalet Hyde was born in Whittingham, Vermont on 21 September 1778. By 1804, he was living in Burlington, New York. It was in Burlington that he married Jane Jennie Walker on 9 February 1804. By 1813, he had moved to Onandaga, New York. In September 1825, he purchased 56 acres in Township 1 Range 13 in Harmony, New York where he lived until 1842. He purchased additional acreage in Harmony on 5 May 1832.

In 1842, Eliphalet moved his family from New York to Michigan where he settled in Hastings. He lived in Hastings for the rest of his life.

Eliphalet died in Castleton, Michigan on 8 January 1850.2

1Eliphalet is a family name which can make things confusing for those interested in the Hyde branch of the Liberacki-Wilcox-Berg family tree. Not only is Eliphalet Hyde (1778-1756) Rachel Wilcox Liberacki's second great grandfather, Eliphalet Hyde (1808-1894) is her great grand uncle while Eliphalet Hyde (1744-1825) is her third great grandfather, and Eliphalet Hyde (1737-1743) is her third great grand uncle.

2I am not clear why Eliphalet was in Castleton when he died. However, both Castleton and Harmony are in Barry County.

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The year that Eliphalet moved to Michigan, the Webster-Ashburton Treaty settled the boundary between the United States and Canada. This editorial cartoon shows Daniel Webster and Lord Ashburton shaking hands at the conclusion of the negotiations.