Stephen Louis Hadzya

Stephen Louis Hadzya is the grandfather of Frank Joseph Hagar


Andrew Hadzyia
Clara Ceaser


Mary Lourencevic


Andrew Hagar
Frank Hagar
Stephen Hagar
Brownie Hagar

Stephen Louis Hadzya was born on 29 May 1892 in Suva Katalama, Croatia. He emigrated to the United States in 1908. When he registered for the draft on 5 July 1917, he was living in Cambria, Pennsylvania.

On 24 November 1920, Stephen married Mary Lourencevic in Brownsville, Pennsylvania. In 1930, Stephen and his family were living in Springdale, Pennsylvania where he was working for a construction company. Stephen owned his home which was worth $1,800.

George died in Wappingers Falls, New York on 12 January 1945.

Census Records


1908 Model T Ford
The same year that Stephen Hadzya emigrated to the United States, Henry Ford built his first Model T.