Shakespeare's Othello was first performed the year that Elizabeth Gregory was born.

Image from Charles and Mary Lamb, Tales from Shakespeare (Philadelphia: Henry Altemus Company, 1901) 65.

Elizabeth Gregory

Elizabeth Gregory is the eighth great grandmother of Rachel Wilcox Liberacki.

During 1604, Elizabeth Gregory was born in Bentley, Essex, England. She married Matthew Marvin in January 1622/23.1

Elizabeth and her husband emigrated from England in 1635. They sailed aboard the Increase. Robert Lea was the master of the ship. Elizabeth arrived first in Massachusetts. By 1648, Elizabeth was living in Hartford, Connecticut. Later she settled in Norwalk, Connecticut.

On 24 January 1681, Elizabeth died in Hartford, Connecticut.

1Records use both 1622 and 1623 as the dates for the marriage. Because Matthew and Elizabeth were married in January, I am working under the assumption that the date is actually 1622/23.


Henry Gregory


Matthew Marvin


Matthew Marvin
Mary Marvin
Sarah Marvin
Hannah Marvin
Samuel Marvin
Rachel Marvin
Abigail Marvin
Elizabeth Marvin



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