Angeline Armond Greco

Angeline Armond Greco is the great grandfmother of Margaret Ackerman.


Rose [last name]


Carmillo Marcuccilli


Thomas Marcuccilli
Mary Marcuccilli
Joseph Marcuccilli
Helen Marcuccilli
Roseanne Marcuccilli
Alice Marcuccilli
Angelina Marcuccilli
Antonette Marcuccilli
Rocco Marcuccilli
Chas Marcuccilli
Charles Marcuccilli

Angeline Armond Greco was born in 1888 in Santopadre, Italy. Before emigrating to the United States in 1906, she married Carmillo Marcuccilli. The couple left Napoli aboard the Citta di Torino and arrived in New York on July 16.

The couple settled in Chicago, Illinois. According to the 1920 census, Angeline had become a naturalized citizen but the year of naturalization is not listed.

In April 1921, Angeline's husband was murdered.

Angeline died on 7 April 1977.

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