Charles Gottlob Gralapp

Charles Gottlob Gralapp is Seth Stankowski's third great grandfather.

Charles Gottlob Gralapp was born in Germany on 16 December 1827. He emigrated to the United States during October 1851 where he settled in Friendship, Wisconsin. We do not know the date that he became a naturalized citizen of the United States. In the United States, Charles was also known as Chris.

On 18 October 1852, he married Henrietta "Julia" Holtz. That same year, he also gave about two acres of land to the German circuit of the Methodist Episcopal Church.

In 1856, Charles purchased a parcel of land from his brother Christian and his father. The cost of the land was $345. In 1860, his real estate was valued at $500 and his personal estate was valued at $200. Ten years later, the value of his real estate had increased to $4,000 and his personal estate was valued at $600.

By 1900, Charles and his wife were sharing their home with their son Robert, daughter-in-law Anna, and two grandsons: Ray and Leland.

Charles died of a brain abscess on 22 June 1903. The duration of the illness was six months. His funeral was held on June 24 at the Methodist Episcopal Church with the Reverend A. Held officiating. He was buried in Friendship Cemetery in Fond Du Lac, Wisconsin.


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