Amelia Gralapp

Amelia Gralapp is Seth Stankowski's second great grandmother.

Amelia Gralapp1 was born in Saxony, Germany during January 18612. She remained in Friendship, Wisconsin until after 1880.

In 1884, Amelia married Henry Jacob Bloecher. By 1900, the couple were living in Wittenberg, Wisconsin. She would remain in Wittenberg until 1927.

As of 1910, Amelia had given birth to ten children; all of whom were still living.

Amelia died on 15 October 1927.

1Other versions of Amelia Gralapp's name that appear on various documents include Emilie Blocher, Emilie Bloecher, Amelia Grallap, Emilia Blocher, and Amelia Bloecher.

2January 1861 is the birth date listed on the 1900 census. A search of the Wisconsin Births Index on 10 August 2011 found three entries for Emilia Gralapp in Fond Du Lac, Wisconsin that are similar to this date. However, given the limited amount of data provided, it is not possible to tell which of these births--if any--is for our relative.


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