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Lydia Goodale1 was born in Salem, Massachusetts on 20 November 1740. On the 3 July 1766, she married William White in Bolton, Massachusetts. Sometime in the early 1770s she removed to Marlborough, New Hampshire after spending about two years in Templeton, Massachusetts.

Life in Marlborough was initially very difficult for the White family. Thomas and Samuel White describe how during the family's first three years in the city it was so cold that corn did not ripen. Because of excessive snow during one winter,

In the spring the melting snow caused so much water in the "Branch" and "Robin Brook" that there was no passing off the hill. The seven families in what now constitutes District No. 7, becoming destitute for food, raised a flag on the hill back of William White's cabin. It attracted the attention of Mr. Phillips, who lived on a neighboring hill. On learning the situation, he and his son carried three bushels of potatoes to a narrow place in the "Branch," throwing them over one by one and relieving their pressing need.

Poverty continued to affect the White family and their neighbors. However, Lydia and her husband were eventually able to purchase a cow. However, "At the first milking, having no bread in the house, the children picked red clover blossoms which they ate with their milk."

Lydia Goodale died in Marlborough on 10 July 1820 and was buried in the town's East Cemetery.

1Some sources such as Frederick W. Bailey in his Massachusetts Marriages and Jordon Dodd in his list of Massachusetts marriages available through list her name as "Lydia Goodell." Other records use both "Goodale" and "Goodell" in her pedigree.

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