During 1970, the year that Jozef married Elzbieta, construction began on the Brooklyn Bridge, Standard Oil Company was incorporated by John D. Rockefeller and his partners, and Thomas Nash first represented the Democratic Party as a donkey.

Jozef Frydach

Wojciech Goskowicz is Seth Stankowski's third great grandfather.

Jozef Frydach was born in Poland during July 1844.1 He married Elzbeita Piechowski in 1870. He and his wife emigrated from Poland in either 1872, 1873, or 1874.2

He worked as a farmer in Sharon, Wisconsin.

In 1905, Jozef was living with his son August. He was still a resident of August's household in 1910. His employment at the time was listed as none and that he had his "own income." In 1920, he and his wife were no longer living with August.

Jozef never learned to read, write, or speak English.

Jozef died on 31 March 1920.

1Without documentation, some sources use 24 June 1843 as Jozef's birth date. The July 1944 date I use comes from the 1900 United States census.

2All three dates appear in census records: 1872 (1910 census), 1873 (1900 census), and 1874 (1920 census).


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