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Anna Formella

Anna Formella is Seth Stankowski's second great grandmother.

Anna Formella was born in March 1855 in Kolodzieje, Kartuzy, Gdansk, Poland.1 She emigrated to the United States in 1884. Two years later, on 15 February 1886, she married Antone Stankowski.

The family lived on a farm in Sharon, Wisconsin. We do not have a record of what the Stankowski family raised on their farm, but in 1895, Portage was the only county in Wisconsin to raise more than one million bushes of potatoes. The crop was valued at $426,146. In 1905, 3.2 million bushels of potatoes were raised. In 1916, potatoes reached a record high of $2.25 a bushel. In 1931, the price of potatoes dropped to twenty five cents a bushel.2

The 1905 Wisconsin census lists her occupation as "housewife."

According to the 1910 census, Anna was unable to speak English. Also, she had given birth to five children all of whom were still living.

Anna died on 27 January 1917 and was buried in St. Adalbert's Cemetery which is located in Alban, Wisconsin.

1The authors of Our Family Genealogy Pages list the date as 19 July 1854. However, no specific documentation is included for this date. Although I use place of birth from this source, I am using the 1900 census to establish the date of birth.

2Portage County Time Line 1827 thru 1998. Portage County Historical Society. June 29, 2011.


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