In the year that Caroline DuPrew was born in New York, New York elected future president Millard Fillmore to Congress where he would participate in debates over the role of the national bank; an institution that was successfully fought by President Andrew Jackson.

Caroline DuPrew
(1832- )

Caoline DuPrew is the great grandmother of Rachel Wilcox Liberacki (1909-1990), Asa Nelson Wilcox (1927-1998), Richard Cederwall (b. 1923), and Frank Arvid Cederwall (b. 1924).

Caroline DuPrew was born in New York on 16 July 1832. She married Nelson P. Hall. By 1858, she and her family were living in Michigan.1

By 1870, she and her family were living on a farm in Belleview, Michigan and remained there through 1880.

We do not know the date of Caoline's death, but are sure that it was before 1900.2

1This date is used because we know that Caroline's second daughter, Olive Marie Hall, was born in Michigan on 27 May 1858. We do not know the place of birth for her oldest daughter.

2According to the 1900 census, Caroline's husband was living with his daughter and son-in-law in Hastings, Michigan. She, however, is not listed on the census record.




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Olive Marie Hall
Lillian Loraine Hall
Charles Nelson Hall
George Hall

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