Cynthia Maria Drury

Cynthia Maria Drury is the great grandmother of Mary Lou Clark.


Anson Drury
Margaret [last name]


Henry Wilcox


Alice Wilcox
Katie Wilcox
Clinton Wilcox
Grace Wilcox

Cynthia Marie Drury was born on 8 April 1845. in 1850, she was living in Huron, New York.

In 1860, Cynthia was living in Butler, New York in the home of Erza and Phebe Hubbard and doing housework for them. Ezra was a shoemaker whose property was valued at $500. It is likely that Phebe was Cynthia's sister.

By 1870, she had married Henry Wilcox and was living in Ira, New York. Her occupation was listed as "keeping house." By 1880, her family was living in Butler, New York. They had relocated to Michigan before 1897.

Cynthia died in Bad Axe, Michigan on 10 January 1897.

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