Anston Drury

Anson Drury is the second great grandfather of Mary Lou Clark.


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Anson Drury was born on 28 January 1799 in Springfield, Vermont. Sometime before 1840, he married a woman named Sophia and had moved to Huron, New York where he worked as a farmer.

After Anson became a widow in 1840, he married a woman named Margaret. Their first child was born in 1842.

In 1850, Anson's farm was worth $1,800.

In 1860, Anson was living in Wolcott. He owned a total of 45 improved acres and seven unimproved acres. The farm had increased in value to $2,600 which did not include $200 of machinery. In 1860, he owned two horses, three milk cows, two other cattle, nine sheep, and two swine for a value of $338. He produced 70 bushels of wheat, 40 bushels of rye, 250 bushels of Indian corn, 200 bushels of oats, and 112 cords of wood. Value of home manufactured goods was $110.

In 1870, Anson's farm with valued at $4,500 and his personal property was valued at $400.

If the 1880 census I have located is for our relative, sometime after his second wife died in 1872, he married for a third time; to a woman named Mary.

In 1880, Anson had 57 acres of improved land valued at $5,000. The value of the livestock was $100 and the value of farm production was $325. He owned three milk cows. Three calves were born and he sold three cows. He sold butter worth $250. He had 60 barnyard poultry which produced 100 eggs. He tilled seven acres of barley which produced 80 acres, one acre of oats which produced 50 bushels, four acres of wheat which produced 60 bushels, and one acre of potatoes which produced 100 bushels. He had 60 apple trees on two acres which produced 20 bushels. He also produced three bushels of peaches. Six acres were given to growing Indian corn. A 15 year old hired hand named John Lane was living in the home during 1880.

Anton died on 25 April 1881 and is buried in Huron Evergreen Cemetery.

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Runaway Slave Advertisement from 1774
In 1799, the same year that Anson was born, New York passed a law that would gradually outlaw slavery. Anson would spend most of his life farming in New York.